An energy charge from nature that should not be missing in any car

Drivers, in particular, know what we are talking about. A long monotonous journey, dusk, or already darkness, and the eyelids begin to droop. Micro sleep is one of the biggest threats to drivers on longer journeys. It has already caused a lot of unnecessary tragedies. There are various recipes for boosting concentration. Stop at a pump or a rest stop, take a walk, exercise. Drink coffee or an energy drink. Or just stop and take a nap. Everything is right and above all, everything is better than ignoring the problem of micro sleep. A good solution that does not cost us any extra time spent on the road may be pure PiJUR grape juice. It is not only an energetic, but literally a vitamin charge for our body, consciousness and attention behind the wheel. Nutrition expert and nutritionist Jana Kondrcová says: “Natural grape juice is considered a “liquid superfood” by experts. In addition to its excellent nutritional profile, grape juice has one more key feature. It is a fast and powerful source of energy that works almost immediately and, moreover, has a longer lasting effect, which is certainly welcome, especially for drivers.”

When compared to coffee or several caffeine-based energy drinks, the longer effect of grape juice is noticeable. “Coffee, or most of the energy drinks we can buy at any tank station, kick in quickly, but the effects wear off relatively fast. With grape juice, the effect on our concentration and focus is gradual. Our body processes most of the glucose from grape juice as energy and stores what remains in the form of glycogen. In simple terms, it serves as a substitute energy reservoir, i.e. it releases the acquired energy into the body gradually when it begins to run out, when it needs it. In addition to natural grape sugar, it contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are crucial for our health” describes the differences between juice and artificially produced liquid starters Jana Kondrcová.
Pure, unpasteurised grape juice is offered by the ViaJur winery from Svätý Jur near Bratislava.

It comes exclusively from Slovak grapes grown in the biodynamic vineyard in Farná. It is without additives, without chemistry, without added sugar. In addition to the family packaging in glass bottles, a practical 0.25 ml can is also available. Exactly the same as we know from a wide selection of different energy drinks. The top of the can is wrapped in a hygienic lid, so the juice is ready for immediate consumption, without the need to wash the dust or fingerprints of others.

In addition to its excellent nutritional profile, grape juice has one more key feature. It is a fast and powerful source of energy that acts almost immediately and has a longer lasting effect as well.”
Nutrition expert Jana Kondrcová

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