Without a tenacious team of people, this would not be possible. What connects the entire team of people behind VIAJUR and PiJUR is the philosophy and ecological dimension with which we approach production. Thanks to this, we can bring customers products that they will not find on the market in this form. Meet the people whose daily effort creates PiJUR.

Tomáš Dilong

Production director and oenologist

Director Tomáš Dilong has been at our helm for some time. After studying oenology in New Zealand, he decided to use his experience in our VIAJUR winery. This stage of work is another challenge for him, also in connection with the new products we are starting to produce in the winery.

Jana Kondrcová


Certified nutritionist Jana Kondrcová is our court nutrition specialist who spreads the name of PiJUR well beyond the gates of Jur all over the world. A nutritionist will convince you that healthy can also be tasty.

Dezider Pavlík

Chief agronomist

Our main agronomist, Dezider Pavlík, comes from a winemaking background and has been devoted to agriculture with love for several years. He is the imaginary master of our vineyards, where he also feels the best. This is also due to the fact that nature fascinates him with its diversity and flexibility.


Our juicy PiJUR is made from the juiciest grapes. We carefully monitor the highest quality of white and red varieties and collect them with love at a precisely defined time, when grapes are the most ideal for the production of natural must. Behind every single step of production is our maximum care and we try to use everything that we grow with love. Thanks to this, products such as PiJUR are created.


In the production of our products, we pay special attention to the ecological dimension, which is why we are currently in the conversion of vine cultivation to organic mode. We approach environmentally friendly processing using the latest technologies, using green energy from our own photovoltaics in Farná. We care about biodiversity on our farms and we try to make the most of the grown products, with regard to producing as little waste as possible and having the least impact on the environment. We use the waste that comes from pressing grapes to produce compost with California earthworms. We use it to grow vegetables, which we use to prepare meals in the restaurants of the Hotel Lomnica and the Pálffy Manor House.

Follow how @PIJUR #pijur grows in our vineyards in Farná, is created in the VIAJUR winery and tasted throughout Slovakia.

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