A tasty stimulant not only for breastfeeding moms

We often think that we have to look for complicated solutions to the problems and challenges that come with motherhood. And the solutions are often so simple that we find it difficult to believe them. Like a glass of ordinary grape juice.

Pregnancy and motherhood is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. We have been hearing about it since the childhood, we keep reading about it in all the media. However, in many cases, enthusiasm and joy meet reality. And the idea of “it is” dissolves into the desire “it should be”. Many expecting and new mothers face enormous fatigue. The body does not obey, every bone, muscle, literally each cell hurts. With this comes problems with breastfeeding and lack of breast milk. At that time, our depressed mood is intensified by reproaches and doubts. Am I a good mom?

Our grandmothers already knew how to help themselves in these situations. Regularly indulge in pure grape juice! It is rich in natural sugar, which stimulates the production of the hormone prolactin, responsible for milk production. Juice is an essential source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It helps regulate metabolism, blood pressure, cholesterol, protects the body from viruses and cells from attacks of free radicals. Thanks to the countless bioactive ingredients and high content of polyphenols, natural unpasteurised PiJUR juice positively affects the overall health of a woman, the quality of her breast milk and thus the healthy development of the baby.

And last but not least – it provides immediate energy that every mother needs existentially. The energy enters quickly and is released gradually, so it does not cause a negative insulin reaction. Simply put, it does not unsettle the sugar in our blood. “Grape juice is a good source of energy for moms. Being pure natural juice, it contains important nutritional components that are in the fruit. I recommend taking the juice in  a reasonable amount due to the higher content of fructose and glucose. You can also dilute it with water, it is a suitable supplement to the overall drinking regime, which mothers should not neglect”says  nutrition specialist Jana Kondrcová.

Wherever you are on your maternal journey, you can enjoy PiJUR grape juice from the biodynamic vineyard in Farná at any time of the day. In a practical can package, it also fits into a smaller handbag. It is a healthy addition to morning coffee, an afternoon walk or evening play with children.

Grape juice is a suitable addition to the overall drinking regime. It contains important nutritional ingredients.”
Nutrition specialist JANA KONDRCOVÁ

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